Ten Best Anne Brontë Quotes from Her First Novel Agnes Grey

best Anne Brontë Quotes from Her First Novel Agnes Grey

I know it’s not easy to stick to only ten quotes when it comes to a classic novel. Still to give you an insight, I’ve picked ten quotes from the novel Agnes Grey written by Anne Brontë. Here is my pick of best Anne Brontë Quotes from her novel Agnes Grey.

Anne Brontë penned Agnes Grey under the pseudonym of Acton Bel. She was the younger member of Brontë family. Anne died at a younger age of 29 succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis. Hear death was just six months after the death of her sister Emily Brontë, the author of another classic novel Wuthering Heights.

Anne Brontë had worked as a governess for around six years. This possibly helped her in conceiving the novel Agnes Grey as the novel is the story of a young woman who took a strong decision to work as a governess after her family become impoverished. In her debut novel Anne describes, may be from her own experience, the isolation, insensitivity and occasional harsh treatment bestowed on women in her position by their employers.

As told above, the below 10 Anne Brontë quotes are from her novel Agnes Grey. Anne has one more novel in her credit which is titled The Tenant of Wildfell and also few poems.


Best Anne Brontë Quotes from Agnes Grey

Instead of lamenting past calamities we might all cheerfully set to work to remedy them; and the greater the difficulties, the harder our present privations, the greater should be our cheerfulness to endure the latter, and our vigour to contend against the former. – Anne Brontë

To conceal my emotion, I buried my face in my hands, and they were presently bathed in tears. – Anne Brontë

Patience, Firmness, and Perseverance were my only weapons; and these I resolved to use to the utmost. – Anne Brontë

I knew the difficulties I had to contend with were great; but I knew (at least I believed) unremitting patience and perseverance could overcome them; and night and morning I implored Divine assistance to this end. – Anne Brontë

I should have been roused to speak in my own defence: now I judged it my wisest plan to subdue every resentful impulse, suppress every sensitive shrinking, and go on perseveringly, doing my best; for, irksome as my situation was, I earnestly wished to retain it. – Anne Brontë

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. – Anne Brontë

You cannot expect stone to be as pliable as clay. – Anne Brontë

If you do your best to get to heaven and can’t manage it, you must be one of those that seek to enter in at the strait gate and shall not be able. – Anne Brontë

If you cannot feel positive affection for those who do not care for you, you can at least try to do to them as you would they should do unto you: you can endeavour to pity their failings and excuse their offences, and to do all the good you can to those about you. – Anne Brontë

The human heart is like india-rubber; a little swells it, but a great deal will not burst it. – Anne Brontë


Hope you just enjoyed the above best Anne Brontë quotes from Agnes Grey and also this post is as part of our  “Read a book and broaden your mind” campaign.


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