Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has detailed under four different categories below. Further please note that we may update our policy at any point of time without any notice.

V4Livin respects your privacy related to this site and will take all the necessary steps to protect it. Please carefully go through our Privacy Policy elaborated below.

At, we (we, us, our, V4Livin) give maximum care to the privacy of our users (you, your, user, users). It’s your right to know what personal information of users we collect, how we collect them and whether we use such collected personal information or not, if we use in which manner and to what extent. This privacy policy covers and gives insight in to these core aspects.

Log Files

We are using log files to gather non-personal information of our visitors and it’s a common practice among webmasters to do so. The non-personal information here means; name of the user’s browser, IP address, date and time stamp, Operating System, referring pages like technical stuffs. We may use such information in a very limited way. That means to understand our site’s performance and if necessary to tune our site to give the best possible user experience. We assure you that we won’t use such collected information beyond that level.

Social Contact

V4Livin may collect users’ personal information when users opt to contact us via our contact page, our social pages, or comment form. In this case, we assure you we only use such collected personal information to the purpose meant for it.


Comment Spam is a disturbing fact for all webmasters and we are no exception. To protect us from this menace, V4Livin may use cookies in a limited way. Our use of cookies are very limited in this case.

Another scenario is we may place third party advertisements on our site from vendors like Google. They may use cookies to provide advertisement based on users search behaviour. There are ways to opt out of such advertisements using browser plugin though we are not recommending. You can find Google’s ad policy by following the link

Legal Obligation

This’s the last and most important part of our privacy policy. If the legal authority or government require any available information, personal or non-personal, of our user we are bound to provide it subject to the prevailing law.