Motivating Jason Statham Quotes for Fitness Enthusiasts

Motivating Jason Statham Quotes
Image Credit: Kevin Tostado, via Wikimedia Commons

10 Motivating Jason Statham Quotes for all fitness enthusiasts. Jason Statham is a model turned actor who was born on 26 July 1967 in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. Before coming to acting, other than modelling, he was a diver and had competed for England at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. He was a member of the British National Diving Squad for around twelve years.

Statham was spotted by Sports Promotions agency while he was training at London’s Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and became a model for the clothing brand French Connection. He also made small appearances in a few music videos during that time.

Statham’s association with French Connection pave way for his entry in to films. Statham has excelled in Wing Chun kung fu, karate, and kickboxing and choose to perform stunts by his own in his movies. He handled the lead role of driver Frank Martin in the 2002 action movie The Transporter.

Motivating Jason Statham Quotes

  1. “Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit it once with a hammer; Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding.”
  2. “I’ve come from nowhere, and I’m not shy to go back.”
  3. “There is something about yourself that you don’t know.”
  4. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and a half of nonsense.
  5. “Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good.”
  6. “Musclemen grow on trees. They can tense their muscles and look good in a mirror. So what? I’m interested in practical strength that’s going to help me run, jump, twist, punch.”
  7. “I’m enthusiastic and ambitious, and I work hard.”
  8. “People take chances every now and then, and you don’t want to disappoint them.”
  9. “The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent.”
  10. “If you’re going to do something, do it with style!”

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