Inspirational Quotes of P V Sindhu, Indian Shuttler for Aspiring New Talents

Inspirational Quotes of P V Sindhu

Inspirational Quotes of P V Sindhu

Below is our selected 10 motivational and inspirational quotes of P V Sindhu. P V Sindhu is an Indian ace Shuttler who won the hearts of millions of Indians by reaching the 2016 Rio Olympics final. Though she failed to clinch the gold in the final, she could become the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in Olympics. The country awarded her Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour, in 2015.

P V Sindhu Quotes

The greatest asset is a strong mind. If I know someone is training harder than I am I have no excuses.

It is your belief in yourself that keeps you going, especially when you are coming back from a loss or an injury.

Nothing is impossible in sport, or for that matter in any field, if we put in the hard work. There should not be any inhibitions once you set goals for yourself. Come what may, stay focused and one day you will be there.

I am trying to master some of the finer aspects to be a consistent winner of titles.

I would be easily affected by things. When I lost points, I would get nervous or be very sad. I have been working hard to strengthen my attitude; I have focused on my mind game. And that really helped me.

My success should inspire many young talent to dream big and work really hard to achieve their goals.

It is one of the best after Rio (Olympics). World Championship is something different. It was bronze earlier. I am happy that I changed the colour to silver.

Today, people tend to not see the years of hard work. They only see the success. No one sees the 12 years of rigorous routine that I have put in.

I do believe in luck, but not all the time. Somewhere, that little one per cent luck also matters.

What I have learnt is anything is possible, anything can happen from any moment.

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