Ten Best Arundhati Roy Quotes and Sayings | The God of Small Things

Best Arundhati Roy Quotes
Photo: By Vikramjit Kakati, via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve compiled ten best Arundhati Roy Quotes for all her fans. Before coming to that few words about this famous Indian author who won Booker Prize.

Arundhati Roy is an Indian author who won Booker Prize for her novel The God of Small Things in 1997. She is a half Malayali as her mother Mary Roy is From Kerala India and her father Rajib Roy is a Bengali Hindu.

Arundhati Roy is actively involved in human rights and environmental causes. She became a house hold name after the success of her debut novel The God of Small Things.

Ten Best Arundhati Roy Quotes

1. “When you hurt people, they begin to love you less. That’s what careless words do. They make people love you a little less.”

2. “To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget.”

3. “Things can change in a day.”

4. “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”

5. “Some things come with their own punishments.”

6. “It was a time when the unthinkable became the thinkable and the impossible really happened.”

7. “If we were to lose the ability to be emotional, if we were to lose the ability to be angry, to be outraged, we would be robots. And I refuse that.”

8. “I think that I was quite a grown-up child, and I have been a pretty childish adult.”

9. “Change is one thing. Acceptance is another.”

10. “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

The above are 10 of Best Arundhati Roy Quotes. Other than the quotes, I wish to hear your views about her novel The God of Small Things. Keep visiting for more life changing quotes, thoughts and pictures.


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