Top 10 Best Health Tips for Office Goers to Stay Healthy

Best Health Tips for Office Goers

Normally people are spending more than 8 hours at their workplaces. So it is time to rethink about your health issues as it may associated with your office job. So here is our best health tips for office goers.

Best Health Tips for Office Goers

1. Keep a hand sanitizer on your table. A hand shake is a good gesture. But it can pass germs and cause diseases like Diarrhea, HPV, Genital Herpes and Hepatitis A.

2. Take deep breaths when you feel tensed. It’s a well known stress reliever and more over it can make you more energetic and productive.

3. Keep your desk always clean. Look at your file rack for dust. Occasionally remove the dust using a Vacuum Cleaner.

4. Avoid junk foods at lunch. Carry lunch from home but it should be packed properly. Choose the right lunch box, also use foils. It’s also important to keep the food in a tidy place in office.

5. Driving to and fro’ office? Never use drinking water kept in plastic bottle that inside your car for whole day. If you carry water in plastic bottles, don’t let it warm. Also it’s better to avoid plastic bottles that have the recycling codes of 3 or 7. So think again.

6. Take the stairs. No need any explanation right?

7. Don’t spend more than one hour continuously in front of your computer. Take rest in between. Get up and stretch your body. If possible look at a long distant object possibly a greenery outside to feel your eyes cool.

8. Don’t force to eat too much. Take light lunch and you can have snacks like apple, few nuts in the evening.

9. Keep a water bottle on your desk and stay hydrated. It’s essential.

10. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, packaged juices and lattes.

The above are some of the best health tips for office goers. Further you need motivation to make you more confident. Check our inspirational quotes section in your intervals. Also we have a special section for Health Quotes. Enjoy!


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