The world is celebrating throughout the year. There are vivid festivals and events that occur almost every day in a year at different parts of the world. If you are a wander-lust, you might have been part of few of them. Check the below top 15 variety festivals celebrations around the world and make sure that you have at least experienced any one of them!

The below list doesn’t cover top 15 festivals in the world! Instead the list comprises top 15 variety festivals celebrations around the world.

List of Top 15 Variety Festivals Celebrations Around the World

This is an ultimate list of top 15 variety festivals in the world. Be part of such a festival, that you have never experienced to put you in an ultimate festive mood.

Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The biggest carnival in the world! The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is considered as the biggest carnival in the world. This festival held every year before Lent. Rio Carnival is a four days celebration with two million peoples per day on the streets. This festival celebration occurs 40 days before Easter, that is in February. Samba Parade or Samba Schools Parade are the main attraction of this world-famous festival.

Rio Carnival Brazil - Top Festivals in the World, V4L
Photo: Diogo Dubiella, via Wikimedia Commons

Chinese New Year, Beijing, China

Chinese New Year or Spring festival is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year date is different on each year and it falls between January 21st and February 20th.

Chinese New Year festival is associated with several myths and customs. Each year celebration gets a different name that based on 12 Chinese animal Zodiac signs and cycle. Based on that one can say 2017 celebration as Year of Rooster and 2018, year of the dog.

It’s a time for family get together for the Chinese and eating lucky foods where fish is a must have menu item. During the spring festival people exchange red envelope, decorate houses and involve in various cultural activities. You can witness lion as well as dragon dances at temple fairs. Setting off fireworks is also common during this festival season across China.

Chinese New Year aka Spring Festival
Photo: Shriram Rajagopalan, Flickr

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

Every year more than one million tourists from different part of the world reach Pamplona, Spain to witness the Running of the Bulls festival. Bulls let loose in front of public in the street. This event takes place between July 6 to 14 that is the nine-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of Saint Fermin in Pamplona.

Bull runs happen for eight mornings and the run begins on Pamplona’s Santo Domingo street and finishes in the Plaza de Toros, a little over a half-mile.

Running of the Bull Festival at Estafeta Street in Spain
Photo: Atkins525, via Wikimedia Commons

Holi, Mumbai, India

Holi is a Hindu religious festival which is celebrated in India and Nepal. This festival of Hindus is popularly known as the festival of colours. Though the celebration is taken place throughout the country, some of the best places to be during Holi is Mumbai, Mathura & Vrindavan, Goa, Jaipur, and Udaipur. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil.

Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima and that date falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March every year. On the day of Holi, people gather and colour each other’s with bright colour and water.

Hindu Holi Festival, Mumbai, India
Photo: Herri Bizia, Flickr

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Yee Peng lantern festival is celebrated on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar every year. This day normally falls mid of November every year.

The hundreds of brightly lit lanterns, which are hot-air balloons made of paper, rising into the night’s sky over Chiang Mai is so stunning to watch. These lanterns are also used to decorate streets and houses and are believed to help rid the locals off troubles.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand V4L
Photo: Takeaway, via Wikimedia Commons

Halloween, New Orleans, USA

Halloween or All Saint’s Eve is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed. This celebration is observed on 31st October every year in number of countries. In US, some of the best places to celebrate Halloween is New Orleans, Seattle, Orlando and St. Louis.

Trick-or-treating, Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions are some of the traditional Halloween activities.

Halloween Festival, USA
Photo: D’Arcy Norman, via Wikimedia Commons

New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

The spectacular fireworks over the Sydney harbour attracts more than 1.6 million people every year to Sydney. It’s one of the best places in the world to spend New Year’s Eve as it’s the first major city which welcomes new year.

New Year's Eve. Sydney, Australia V4L
Photo: Jason Tong Follow, Flickr

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

This festival is for all beer lovers. If you don’t like beer, you might want to consider another celebration. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival with more than 6 million people attending every year.

Oktoberfest is a two weeks long folk festival running from mid or late September to the first weekend in October which held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

October Fest Festival, Germany
Photo: Club Transatlântico, Flickr

La Tomatina, Bunol, Valencia, Spain

La Tomatina is a tomato throwing fun fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year in the town of Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. Usually the tomato throwing fight lasts for an hour after which the town square is liberally covered with tomato debris.

La Tomatina Festival, Spain
Photo: flydime, via Wikimedia Commons

St. Patricks Day, New York City, USA

St Patrick’s Day is largely celebrating Irish-American culture in the United States. Celebrations include eating green coloured food, green clothing and numerous parades where colour green has a prominent display.

St. Patricks Day, Dublin, V4L
Photo: William Murphy, Flickr

Carnival of Venice, Venice, Italy

Be part of one of the biggest celebrations in Italy. The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy which takes place in the days leading up to Lent.  The festival is world famous for its elaborate Venetian masks and masquerade balls.

Carnival of Venice, Italy
Photo: Giorgio Minguzzi, via Wikimedia Commons

Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong, South Korea

The famous Boryeong Mud Festival takes place at Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea. This annual summer festival attracts the largest number of international visitors to Korea.

The mud for the festival is trucked to the Daecheon beach area where visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the giant mud bath.

Boryeong Mud Festival is celebrated for two weeks during July every year and the final weekend of the festival is normally on the second weekend in July.

Boryeong Mud Festival - South Korea
Photo: Shawn Perez, Flickr

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Harbin, China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is an annual winter festival which provides the visitors each year a whole new world of ice and snow. This world’s largest Ice and snow festival takes place with a theme in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

Harbin, located in Northeast China, accounts for its arctic climate which provides abundant natural ice and snow. The Ice and Snow celebration date falls between December 24 to February 25 every year.

Snow and Ice World Festival, China
Photo: Rincewind42, Flickr

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

Songkran is the Thai new year festival on April 13. The word Songkran comes from the Sanskrit word saṃkrānti and the celebration coincide with Vishu a harvest festival in South Indian state of Kerala where it also marks the new year.

Friends and family celebrates Songkran by splashing water on each other. Also, major streets are closed to traffic, and are used as arenas for water fights.

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand, V4L
Photo: Ben Reeves, Flickr

Thrissur Pooram, Kerala, India

UNESCO has deemed Thrissur Pooram, the annual Hindu temple festival held in Kerala, India, as the most spectacular festival event on Earth. There happens one of the most amazing parades in the world featuring elephants dressed exquisitely. Also, fireworks are another attraction of this festival.

The Pooram festival takes place during the month of April-May.

Thrissur Pooran, the most spectacular festival event on Earth
Photo: Malcolm Murdoch, Flickr


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