Popular Otto Hahn Quotes to Share on World Science Day

Bomb dome in Hiroshima
Hiroshima Peace Memorial: Hiroshima A-Bomb dome, Aioi Bridge on the left

Here we are sharing two popular Otto Hahn quotes as part of our World Science Day celebrations this year.

The UN observes 10th November every year as World Science Day. What is the importance of this celebration every year? The purpose of World Science Day for Peace and Development is to make awareness among people on the importance of science in their daily lives and also to engage them in debates on related issues.

In this section, we have two popular quotes of German Scientist Otto Hahn, that you can consider sharing as part of your World Science Day event celebrations. We have already posted best inspirational World Science Day quotes. Check that too.

Now few words about Otto Hahn:

Otto Hahn was born on March 8, 1879, in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse-Nassau, Prussia, Germany. He was a German Chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for his discovery of the fission of heavy nuclei” in 1944. Hahn died on July 28, 1968.

After World War II, Hahn campaigned against the use of nuclear energy as a weapon.

World Science Day Quotes - Popular Otto Hahn Quotes

World Science Day Quotes – Popular Otto Hahn Quotes

Below are two popular quotes of renowned German Chemist and Nobel laureate Otto Hahn.

“As chemists, we must rename [our] scheme and insert the symbols Ba, La, Ce in place of Ra, Ac, Th. As nuclear chemists closely associated with physics, we cannot yet convince ourselves to make this leap, which contradicts all previous experience in nuclear physics.”

“I felt profoundly ashamed, I was very much upset. First we attacked the Russian soldiers with our gases, and then when we saw the poor fellows lying there, dying slowly, we tried to make breathing easier for them by using our own life-saving devices on them. It made us realize the utter senselessness of war.”

Hope you have liked these two popular Otto Hahn quotes.

Otto Hahn’s Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv, via Wikimedia Commons

Hiroshima Bomb Dom – Photo Credit: By Fanghong, via Wikimedia Commons


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