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Please carefully go through our disclaimer and DMC compliance part below. Before contacting us please try to understand the below vital information.


The content on http://v4livin.com may contain unintentional errors or inaccurate information. Further all the articles on this site are written from the respective author’s view point. V4Livin doesn’t warrant or make any representations related to the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the materials or content on this website. It’s up to the users, whether to rely up on the content of this site.

Further we are also not responsible for the published comments of the users on any article on this site. We will try to filter out any comments that we think violate the norms. But always it’s not possible as country to country the norms are different. So we are not responsible for any users comments appear on this site which may hurt the sentiments of others or result any adverse impact or loss.

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V4Livin’s DMCA Compliance

V4Livin (http://v4livin.com) extensively uses images on this site which are readily available on the internet public domain. Wherever necessary credit has to be given to such pictures, we provided it accordingly. We did our level best to avoid any copyright violation arises by using those pictures.

It’s true that some of the public domain pictures we use may contain pictures of identifiable people like celebrities as it’s necessary for a site where most of the contents are related to quotes and life thoughts.

We wish to make it clear that we didn’t publish any such pictures intentionally in a bad light or offensive way. If you found any image on http://v4livin.com infringe any of your rights, please immediately notify us with details; only if you are the copy right owner or authorised to act under the prevailing law. In such cases you can contact us by sending the following details to info@v4livin[dot]com.

  • The URL on this site in question of alleged infringement and its details.
  • It’s a must to give your source URL of the original work and details of infringement.
  • Your certification that you are the copy right owner and the information you provided are accurate.

We will check your mail and do the needful to take down the picture as per the standard procedures of DMCA. Thanks!